My name is David Allen, I am 67 years old and I've been painting since the age of sixteen.  I have ventured as far as the Peter Barlow Gallery in Chicago and the Denise Debroe Gallery in Manhattan. I have paintings in the South Bend Museum of Art permanent collection as well as the Mid-West Museum of American Art in Elkhart.  I am known for local city and neighborhood scenes.  I work outside, on location, in real time summer and winter.  I also paint non-representational work in my studio.  I do not have an academic degree but I have enjoyed a lifelong mentor-ship under Harold Zisla, Professor Emeritus, IUSB.  His critiques and thoughtfulness account for any knowledge of art I enjoy beyond the merely naive.  I am currently working on a suite of sizable paintings executed within a thousand yards of my home in South Bend, IN.


-photographs courtesy of William Healy and Brian Nolan